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A new platform that connects people of similar interests to encourage discussion, collaboration, and learning.

Our content is created by users and organized by topic, all in a safe and friendly community. 

Have a passion you love to share with others?

Have a business you’d like to promote online?

An influencer seeking the next big social media platform?

Find great conversations about your interests!

Ohlelo is the place to explore your passions. 

Beyond finding and interacting with people who share your particular interests, here are even more reasons why:

Enjoy our best content

An advanced rating and moderation engine ensures that our best content rises to the top

Feel safe as a user

Flagged content will be monitored and dealt with swiftly by our trained moderators and users like you!

Create live discussions

Conduct business discussions, instruction sessions or discuss more personal topics

Establish yourself as a leader

Participate in structured debates and group discussions with other senior members of your field

Ohlelo lets you explore your passions with others.


Explore your passions.

Find great discussions about your interests, from people who share yours.

Discuss with others.

Interact directly with those who share your passions.
(Though they won’t necessarily share your views – we aren’t fans of echo chambers!)

Curate your interests.

Contribute to your favorite discussions. Ohlelo gives you the power to shape them into great conversations!

Ohlelo – a community with great support for influencers

A new type of community – designed to avoid the echo chambers of today’s social media, with an advanced ratings engine that surfaces the best content

The next big thing – backed by experienced executives, clever marketing and funding. We’re going to be big, with a big audience for you to tap into

Easy to use – the easy way to broadcast yourself and interact with your followership via live video, audio and text

A powerful tool – a multi-faceted platform with the features to allow you to reach people in your niche and increase your followership

No spam – we promise.